You've considered many different alternatives and are thinking that you'd like to remain in your home.  Let All Moving Matters work with you to create a home that's safe, comfortable, easy to live in and a source of pride.  We also provide concierge services to help you maintain the independence you want and need.

Putting a Plan in Place  

Aging in Place is not just for "old" people, it's for individuals who want to ensure their quality of life, live it with dignity, and maintain control, without being a burden to their family.  

With you, we will take time to think about your needs, consider your options, and put together a plan that's right for you and right for your family.  This will ensure that your wishes are respected and your needs are met.

For Caregivers

Aging in place plans are not just for your parents or loved one – it’s for you too.  You can be the most help by working with them to establish a plan that takes into account everyone’s concerns and ensures that needs are met. 

This plan will help you provide the level of care that’s right for them; while still providing peace of mind.  Contact All Moving Matters for help in addressing aging in place needs.
If remaining in your home is the answer for you, All Moving Matters can work with you to make your home comfortable, safe and secure.
Thinking of Remaining in Your Home?
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Where to Begin...

Aging in place means securing the necessary support services, in response to your changing personal needs, that will allow you to remain in your current residence. 

Making the decision to age in place means you are choosing:
  • how you want to spend your retirement years
  • how you want your home to be set up/what 
     modifications need to be made
  • what your health care choices will be
  • which types of assistance are right for you
  • what your wishes are for major life events 

Making the Plan

It’s important to have a plan in place to maintain your quality of life and independence. Let All Moving Matters work with you - we begin with conversations to understand your needs and work through assessments that will help you put the desired plan in place.  

Maintaining Independence

We're also there to assist you with life's daily needs - running an errand, helping you with appointments, arranging for home maintenance needs, working with you to manage life's daily tasks, or even helping with travel.

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