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Thinking About a Move?
It's never too early to begin readying your house for sale. 
All Moving Matters can work 
with you to put your household 
in shape.

Ready to Make Your Move?
With so much to do in preparation for the move, it's comforting to work with a team who knows just what to do. All Moving Matters is ready to help you and guide you through the moving process.  

Want to Reorganize the Space You're In?
If it's time to get your home organized for how you live your 
life now, All Moving Matters 
can help.  

Need to Map Out a Plan to Help your Parents?
We provide special services to help Seniors and their families to work towards a successful life transition.
At All Moving Matters, we are committed to developing a move plan that meets your needs and ensures a smooth transition.  
Tips for Organizing Your Move
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Often times, a household move is not only physically demanding, but also emotionally draining.  

That's where All Moving Matters help - we combine our expertise, compassion and a personal touch to make your move so much easier. 

Listed below are a few tips from our Moving Checklist to help you start thinking about your move. 
For more information and a copy of our Moving Checklist, contact us at We'll be happy to provide an in-home consultation to explain how we can assist you!
Getting Your Home Ready for Sale
  • Begin the sorting and downsizing process early.
  • Tackle one room at a time - deciding what to keep, what to discard, what to sell and what others may find helpful to have.
  • Contact and engage realtors - meet with several so that you are comfortable with them assisting in the sale of your home.
  • Consider staging your home to maximize your selling price. 
Planning Your Move
  • Develop a timetable for your move - it's never too early to start. 
  • Consider who or what can make the move easier - senior move manager, interior decorator, handyman help, movers - and hire them early in your process. 
  • Develop a floor plan for the new home - this will help you decide what you're taking, what you're not, and will help you decide if you need any new items.
  • Continue the sorting and downsizing - it's a lengthy process.  
  • Notify everyone - your friends, family, merchants, post office, and other organizations - that you'll be moving.  
  • Cancel/Modify any services - landscaping, alarm, cleaners, utilities, insurance
  • Reduce your supplies - no need to pay to move items which can easily be purchased after the move.
  • Pack "must have" items separately and consider moving them yourself.
Closing in on Your Move Date
Moving and Resettling
  • Consider spending the night before and night of the move with family or friends. 
  • Be sure to have the mover's payment ready at the end of the day - check to see what method of payment is acceptable. 
  • Ask for help in resettling - you'll want to have the boxes unpacked and removed as quickly as possible so that you're comfortable in your new home.
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